There are 10.000+ events around and you are still looking at this dull page!

All events, nearby.

nightbits is your location based event tracker

You are here!

Guess how many events around you now...
View every event nearby, (possibly) including your interested ones on a simple map. Already bored here? Check map, find another event next to you... Simple as that...

Order that makes sense

Filter out events based on category, location and time. nightbits offers different views for all the events nearby.
Already in field? Use map view, find events nearby, planning saturday night? Go list view!

Late but OK.

Now you can be late for any event!
nightbits intelligently categorizes events as "upcoming", "ongoing" and "late but OK", the ones that already started ...but you still can make it. You'll be always on time / late with nightbits.

It's everywhere!

nightbits is a global app. You can celebrate your victory in London and afterparty in Paris, no worries we got you covered. Wherever you go our priority is your location. All events, nearby, global!

Get the invite!

nightbits is in private beta, only for iOS devices (for now)
just drop your mail to join the hype!